Focus on ACS «Magistral-21»

Automatic Control System (ACS) «Magistral-21» developed by PJSC «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya» is widely implemented for the purpose of automation of gas distribution facilities and main gas pipelines at strategic gas transportation pipelines of our Country from the Nord Stream to the Power of Siberia. ACS is also applied at projects such as Ukhta-Torzhok Gas Pipeline System (1,2 gas pipelines),Yamal-Europe (2 gas pipeline), the Blue Stream Pipeline and the South Stream Pipeline. 

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The own manufacturing facilities allow the Company to complete the whole production cycle- from design and development of the equipment to putting into operation and maintenance. In the last three years there have been implemented more than a thousand of ACS «Magistral-21». 




We produce the wide range of high-tech equipment including circuit design and manufacture circuit boards based on domestic electronic components at our own enterprises. The Commission established with the Customer participation is authorized to take decision on equipment shipment to the object based on successful factory acceptance tests carried out at our production facility. 

Nikolay Bobrikov, General Director PJSC «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya»



ACS «Magistral-21» is designed for control of main gas pipelines and gas distribution systems, it performs automatic continuous control and adjustment of process parameters and provides the hazardous industrial units with remote control and emergency shut down protection.  

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