Firm «Servisgazavtomatika» LLC

The history of Firm “Servisgazavtomatika” LLC began in 1978, when the specialized trust “Soyuzgazsistemavtomatika” was created to perform installation and setup works, repairs and maintenance of automation, metrology and communications systems and equipment at operating gas production, processing, transportation and storage sites. The trust had a network of local branches, i.e. immediate field contractors. As the years went by, the company's form of incorporation has changed several times, while the company has remained a subsidiary of PJSC “Gazprom avtomatizatsiya”..

Core business areas of Firm “Servisgazavtomatika” LLC:

  • overhaul and routine maintenance and repairs of I&C and APCS systems, metrology equipment, firefighting, gas and communications systems, as well as construction, upgrade and reconstruction of APCS systems;
  • installation and commissioning of Automated Power Supply Control Systems;
  • construction of power supply units;
  • construction, installation, hook-up and start-up of various degrees of complexity.

These days the company is successfully implementing PJSC “Gazprom” strategic projects both as a contractor and coordinator of different works: construction, reconstruction, revamping, maintenance and repairs of operating gas production, processing, transportation and storage sites.

The company's standalone subdivisions located in 5 Federal Districts play a pivotal role in performing these tasks.

Contact details:

Address:  Bld. 4 , Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya St. 13, Moscow 117447
Phone:  8 (495) 221-38-73
FAX:  8 (495) 221-38-74

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