The history of Public Joint Stock Company «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya» began in 1960 from establishment of «Gazpriboravtomatika», special design bureau engaged in instrument and remote control engineering for the main pipelines. «Gazpriboravtomatika» may be considered the founder of the technological development in the gas industry automation, because it was actually the first special organization which launched industrial production and implemented automation and remote control systems.

By mid-1960s, after a short period of its establishment and development, «Gazpriboravtomatika» became an active engineering and design organization with solid R&D, technological, manufacturing, installation and commissioning facilities. Pilot plant was built in Kaliningrad, experimental production facilities were built in Moscow, installation and commissioning department was established. Afterwards, branches of «Gazpriboravtomatika» were opened at the Kaliningrad pilot plant, in Kharkov and then in Saratov. Saratov pilot plant was included into the organization’s structure.

In 1972 «Soyuzgazavtomatika» (All-Union Research and Manufacturing Association for Facilities automation of Gas Industry) was established on the base of All-Union Research and Planning Institute of Automated Control Systems for Gas Industry and «Gazpriboravtomatika» (Special Design Bureau). This resulted in consolidation (within a single organizational structure) of the whole process of development of new automation and automated control tools and systems – from R&D and design and up to commissioning. By 1980, VNPO «Soyuzgazavtomatika» included 6 scientific and research institutes and design bureaus, the computing center, 7 installation and commissioning groups and offices, 3 pilot plants.

Starting from 1990, VNPO «Soyuzgazavtomatika» went through several reorganizations, and in 1993 it was transformed into OJSC «Gazavtomatika». OJSC «Gazavtomatika» acts under the Articles of Association, approved at the General Meeting of Shareholders, registered in Moscow Registration Chamber on August 5, 1993 (certificate series MRP no. 007.322) and listed with the State Registry of Companies (certificate no. 3380.21 as of June 20, 1994, Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations 00159093).

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