Gazprom Avtomatizatsiya today


PJSC «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya» possesses more than 60-years experience in the field of energy complex. The Company started its production activity in 1960 as a special design bureau for developing instrumentation, automation and teleautomation equipment for main gas pipelines. At present PJSC «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya» is one of the key companies in a gas industry.

The company is consistently expanding the scope of its activities, geography and range of services holding a strong position in the external market beyond PJSC «Gazprom».    

The Company partners always point out the growing profitability of cooperation with PJSC «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya», resulting from its integrated approach to project implementation, highest standards of the work performed and utilization of advanced technologies.

Today signing a contact with PJSC «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya» provides a customer with a complete package of services: from the investment project development up to its implementation and subsequent maintenance stage. Wide-spread geography of PJSC «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya» specialized subsidiaries enables the Company to provide production facilities in all regions of the Russian Federation.    

The unrivalled expertise gained by PJSC «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya» during the major Fuel and Energy Sector projects’ implementation contributed a lot to creating a successful and sustainable image of The Company. We believe that both Russian and foreign companies interested in comprehensive solutions to their projects are sure to appreciate PJSC «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya» as a competent and reliable partner.    

Being one of the leaders in its business sector and realizing the scope of its responsibility to the customers the Company makes every effort, applies all its expertise to make the results of its activity a real sample of high-quality obligations fulfillment.    

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