Quality management system

In 2005, PJSC «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya» developed and implemented (according to the resolution of the Board of Directors) the quality control system meeting ISO 9001:2000.    

In May 2013, GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) compliance certificate was issued (based on compliance audit of the Quality Management System) to «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya» PJSC, Quality Systems Registry of Gosstandart no. РОСС RU.ИС94.К00258 as of August 2, 2013. 

April and May 2013: certification audits of the Quality Management System were carried out in order to ensure compliance with requirements of STO Gazprom 9001-2006 industrial standard; relevant compliance certificates were obtained. 

      1) No. ГО00.RU.1402.К00112 as of June 24, 2013, in respect of Construction, Installation and Commissioning at PJSC «Gazprom» facilities 

      2) No. СК. 0043-ГП as of August 2, 2013, in respect of design, metrology and procurement for the needs of PJSC «Gazprom»    

At the present time, the Quality Management System is being prepared for certification on compliance with requirements of the new edition of STO Gazprom 9001-2012 industrial standard. 

In accordance with the standards, PJSC «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya» determines the quality assurance policy and specifies target quality parameters required for development of all operations at PJSC «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya». Target quality parameters are defined both at the general level and at the level of PJSC «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya» departments. 

PJSC «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya» believes that its long-term quality policy should be based on achievement of state-of-the-art quality levels in all automation, IT development, telecommunications and metrology, including: 
  • research, development operations, production and supply;
  • design;    
  • construction, installation and commissioning operations;    
  • maintenance.    
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