PJSC «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya» has completed production of Automated Control Systems for the Kovyktinskoye gas condensate field facilities


In March 2022 PJSC «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya» completed production and delivery of ACS required for commissioning of the Kovyktinskoye gas condensate field ahead of the deadlines stipulated by the contract. 


Under the current restrictions, PJSC «Gazprom avtomatizatsiya» specialists have produced more than 130 pieces of equipment as a part of automated systems based on Russian hardware and software - Programmable Logic Controllers "TREI", SCADA software "Alfa-Platform TREI" and the Linux operating system. 




The Automated Systems successfully passed through strict quality control and factory acceptance tests carried out with representatives of the Customer                  LLC «Gazprom Invest» and the operating organization LLC «Gazprom dobycha Irkutsk». According to test results, it is confirmed that the technical characteristics and functionality of the systems meet the requirements of technical specifications, provide reliable monitoring and control in all modes of operation in accordance with industry requirements.

The equipment was shipped to the Kovyktinskoye gas condensate field. 



Earlier in 2021 the Company manufactured and shipped the following automated systems as a part of the Kovyktinskoye gas condensate field Development Project: for Nyuchakan industrial base, local ACS, condensate pipeline, gas gathering system facilities and gas well clusters. 




The Kovyktinskoye gas condensate field is the largest field in Eastern Russia

in terms of gas reserves. It is the bases for the formation of the Irkutsk gas production center and the resource base for the Power of Siberia main gas pipeline along with the Chayandinskoye oil and gas condensate field in Yakutia. C1+C2 gas reserves amount to 2. 7 trillion cubic meters, gas condensate reserves amount to 90. 6 million tons, which places the field in the unique category.

Gas supply to the Power of Siberia main gas pipeline from the Kovyktinskoye gas condensate field is planned to start in December 2022. In 2025 the field will achieve its full project capacity of 25 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

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